The Perth Blackball Pool League (PBPL) was formed in January 2013. This saw the amalgamation of the Perth Pub and Club Leagues which have been around for over 30 years. Currently we have 20 teams that compete across two divisions, the Premiership and Championship.


Our purpose is to promote and develop the sport of Blackball Pool in Perth. We value sportsmanship, fair play, commitment and most importantly fun! If you are interested in playing, or perhaps you would like to support us through promoting or sponsoring an event, please go to our contacts page (above) and say hello.


Our league is affiliated to the Scottish Pool Association (SPA), which allows our players to play in a variety of individual ranking events across Scotland, obtain an official Scottish ranking and qualify for the national team. This also allows us to compete in the SPA Super League events, where a selection of players form Perth teams, to play against other leagues from across Scotland.